Campaign Research Toolkit

Source: Reem Assil, Jay Donahue, DataCenter, 2015

From the summary:
The Campaign Research Toolkit is a how-to guide for grassroots organizations conducting community-driven campaign research. It’s the product of over ten years of experience working with grassroots organizations to develop strategic and effective campaigns for change. The toolkit contains user-friendly activities, worksheets, and case-study discussions that demystify the process of campaign research for organizations and their membership. Why do we need strategic campaigns? Campaigns are essential tools for organizing communities to develop their power to create social change. We build campaigns as a coordinated and methodical way to confront decision-makers and inform policies that shape the lives of our communities. The tools in the Campaign Research Toolkit are the same tools we currently use in our Research for Community Power Program. With these tools, we’ve worked with marginalizes communities to strengthen organizing efforts, empower the dis-empowered, and, in some cases, win important policy changes.