Squeezing Blood From a Stone: How Income Inequality Affects the Health of the American Workforce

Source: Jessica Allia R. Williams, PhD, and Linda Rosenstock, American Journal of Public Health, Vol. 10 no. 4, April 2015
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From the abstract:
Income inequality is very topical—in both political and economic circles—but although income and socioeconomic status are known determinants of health status, income inequality has garnered scant attention with respect to the health of US workers. By several measures, income inequality in the United States has risen since 1960. In addition to pressures from an increasingly competitive labor market, with cash wages losing out to benefits, workers face pressures from changes in work organization.

We explored these factors and the mounting evidence of income inequality as a contributing factor to poorer health for the workforce.

Although political differences may divide the policy approaches undertaken, addressing income inequality is likely to improve the overall social and health conditions for those affected.