Big Data Is Already Predicting When You’ll Quit Your Job

Source: Nikelle Snader, Business Cheat Sheet, March 26, 2015

…Instead of just wringing their hands and waiting to receive a letter of resignation, company leaders are trying to devise formulas that will help them predict when their employees will leave. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, companies such as Walmart are already using formulas to predict such moves. Data crunchers use numerous factors such as job tenure, position, geography, performance reviews, and more to identify flight risks….

…Being able to predict that someone is leaving a company might be helpful for executives. But a continuing challenge will be what happens after a formula shows an employee might be on the way out the door. It’s perhaps disconcerting enough that your manager is using a formula to predict your behavior. How much more weird will it be if they approach you, asking when to expect your two week’s notice? …