Greens get behind striking oil workers

Source: John Light, Grist, February 3, 2015

U.S. oil workers have launched a strike that has the potential to spread as the United Steelworkers union works to negotiate a new contract with the industry. Some environmental groups are signalling their support for the strikers, describing them as “highly skilled professionals that do their best to prevent the worst” while employed in an industry that is “high-risk … from cradle-to-grave.”…
Solidarity with Striking Refinery Workers
Source: David Turnbull, Oil Change International, February 2, 2015

Yesterday, after a failure in new contract negotiations initiated this month by a group of major oil companies, the United Steelworkers announced a work stoppage at nine refineries, the largest refinery strike in nearly 35 years. …. Everyone has the right to good, safe working conditions. They are not something that can go out the window just because the oil price drops. We applaud the United Steelworkers for striking in order to keep their workers safe on the front lines of fossil fuel production. This is a high-risk industry from cradle-to-grave and we are fortunate to have highly skilled professionals that do their best to prevent the worst. We look forward to the day when energy industry workers are able to focus on safer, just, and more stable jobs in a clean energy economy and aren’t tied to the profiteering whims of big oil. ….