Final report of the Joint Study Committee on Critical Transportation Infrastructure Funding

Source: House Budget and Research Office and the Senate Research Office, Joint Study Committee on Critical Transportation Infrastructure Funding, December 30, 2014

According to data presented to the Committee by the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), Georgia is home to the world’s busiest airport, the nation’s tenth largest road system, and the fourth busiest container port in the United States. In addition, Georgia is home to 14,666 bridge structures, 4,500 miles of mainline and shortline railroads, 128 transit providers, and 103 general aviation airports. These assets have given Georgia a considerable strategic advantage in creating jobs and attracting new businesses to the state. …. Like many other states, Georgia is faced with a growing crisis with regard to funding the construction, repair, and maintenance of its transportation infrastructure. Georgia primarily funds its transportation needs with a combination of state motor fuel taxes and federal funds…..

The Joint Study Committee on Critical Transportation Infrastructure Funding (the “Committee”) was created by House Resolution 1573 during the 2014 Legislative Session of the Georgia General Assembly. The Committee was charged with undertaking a study of the conditions, needs, issues, and problems associated with Georgia’s critical transportation infrastructure and the means of funding its construction, maintenance, and repair. House Resolution 1573 expressed an urgency on behalf of the General Assembly that new sources and methods of funding transportation projects are needed to allow the transportation systems in Georgia to keep up with the needs of Georgia’s growing population and expanding industries and to address long-standing issues relating to road congestion, access to industry and economic development, and Georgia’s reliance on federal funding of its transportation systems….