Understanding Wisconsin’s Looming Right-to-Work Debate

Source: Mitch Teich, Audrey Nowakowski & Michelle Maternowski, WUWM, December 10, 2014

Mitch Teich and Marquette professor Paul Secunda discuss right-to-work.

The next battle lines over labor in Wisconsin have apparently been drawn.

Republican leaders in the state’s Senate and Assembly have signaled that they plan to commence debate over right-to-work legislation that could further reduce the clout of labor unions in Wisconsin.
Following the announcement, Governor Scott Walker commented that he thinks such a debate would be a distraction from other issues, but he stopped short of saying he would veto or otherwise block right-to-work laws from taking effect.

Wisconsin would follow other Midwest states in that regard – examples that labor law expert Paul Secunda has watched carefully. Secunda is a Professor of Law and Director of the Labor and Employment Law Program at Marquette University Law School, and he spoke with Lake Effect’s Mitch Teich about potential right-to-work changes.