What Does Nurse Turnover Rate Mean and What Is the Rate?

Source: Christine T. Kovner, Carol S. Brewer, Farida Fatehi, Jin Jun, Policy Politics Nursing Practice, Published online before print August 25, 2014
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From the abstract:
Registered nurse turnover is an important indicator of the nurse job market. Despite its wide use as a measure for health-care system analysis, there is a lack of consistency in the definition of turnover. Some definitions include any nurse leaving an organization; others may include involuntary and voluntary leaving. These inconsistent definitions also result in various turnover rates. The RN Work Project is a 10-year panel study of new nurses. Data were collected from the new nurses, rather than from a specific organization. About 17.5% of new nurses leave their first job within 1 year of starting their jobs. Consistent and accurate measurement of turnover is an important step in addressing organizational work environments and policies about the nursing workforce.