Performance Management

Source: HR News, Vol. 80 no. 8, August 2014
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Articles include:
Embracing Different Ways to Rate Public-Sector Employees’ Job Performance
by Amanda Cuda

…Freitas’ experience reflects how performance management needs to evolve constantly to reflect shifting realities in the public sector. Employees regularly take on new roles and responsibilities as clients’ needs and agencies’ missions and budgets change. Properly measuring how well workers do their jobs demands that employee evaluation methods change as well, experts say. This is why the HR departments for the City of Manassas, Va., and Multnomah County, Ore., have committed to designed and implementing new employee evaluation mechanisms. So what are the organizations doing differently?…

LEADERSHIP— The Missing Ingredient in Making Performance Management Systems Work
By Levi Segal

…Making performance management work in today’s workplaces requires developing and adhering to leadership and supporting systems. Relying on either by itself is insufficient….

Not-so-Fond Memories of Performance Management Systems Past and Still in Place
By Richard Heil

….Two universal truths that have emerged for this are:
– A minority of managers work really hard to provide meaningful comments regarding each employee’s performance and to engage every employee in a dialogue about how to improve and advance toward achieving long-term career goals. Such managers’ exalted place in the afterlife is assured.
– A larger majority of managers do no work at all. They choose either to not complete evaluation forms or they devote mere minutes to a process that should take far longer. Among the latter, managers who make the minimal effort of filling out an entire set of paperwork and sending the package to the respective employee with a Post-it note request to “sign and return” have some small chance of not needing the asbestos shorts I am positive the former deserve……