Water instability

Source: Derek Prall, American City and County, August 13, 2014

…According to the Urban Institute’s MetroTrends blog, most Americans assume water is safe, plentiful and cheap. The reality is not so bright. Water safety, supply and cost in U.S. cities has been the subject of intense management and regulation, and even so, according to a recent American Housing Survey, over 8 percent of U.S. households report their primary source of water is not safe to drink.
There are three main factors contributing to water instability, according to MetroTrends: infrastructure, financing and management/regulation. America’s water infrastructure is crumbling. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), there are an estimated 240,000 drinking water main breaks per year in the U.S. The group gave the nation’s drinking water infrastructure a “D” grade in its 2013 report card….