City of Houston: Workforce Analytics Provides Real-Time Intelligence to Improve Operations and Reduce Costs

Source: Ruthbea Yesner Clarke, IDC Government Insights, #GI248421, May 2014

Even with an economy on the rebound, American cities are still facing intense pressure to reduce operational costs and improve service to the citizens they serve. Evolving technologies such as Big Data analytics, mobile devices and applications, and cloud computing are allowing managers to make decisions in real time about such workforce management tasks as approving overtime or sick time, maintaining staffing levels, and managing vacation accruals.

This case study from industry analysts IDC explores how the City of Houston implemented the Kronos® Workforce Analytics™ solution to give their managers the transparency and accountability they need to identify and solve workforce management issues more quickly and cost-effectively. It’s already resulted in such benefits as:
– Tighter budget control for overtime
– Improved internal time-card control for managers
– Better compliance with state regulations
– Real-time visibility into issues for managers and employees alike

This study also provides essential guidance to other cities that might be considering making labor analytics part of their operational strategy. These guidelines include four key practices for finding budget to implement a solution, how to deal with the potentially unfavorable information it may uncover, and investing in change management to help managers and employees adjust to the new “transparency” norm.