The New Dad: Take Your Leave – Perspectives on paternity leave from fathers, leading organizations, and global policies

Source: Brad Harrington, Fred Van Deusen, Jennifer Sabatini Fraone, Samantha Eddy, and Linda Haas, Boston College Center for Work & Family, 2014

From the press release:
Fathers want to be present and involved from the first days of their children’s lives and increasingly expect their employers to support them through paid leave, flexibility, and ultimately a culture that respects their desire to be hands-on caregivers, according to a new study of 30 corporations and more than 1,000 fathers by the Boston College Center for Work & Family (BCCWF). The New Dad: Take Your Leave, the latest assessment of the changing role of fathers by the Center, focuses on the much debated topic of paternity leave. While fathers are increasingly playing a significant role in caregiving for their children, society and organizations largely still retain the view of father as breadwinner. Many organizations and governments are currently in the process of expanding their offerings for parental leave and specifically leave for new fathers. This report contributes data and insights to better understand the needs and desires of fathers and inform organizational policies and legislative initiatives. The study explores different perspectives on paternity leave, including a survey of more than 1,000 fathers from nearly 300 different organizations(primarily well-educated professionals); a benchmarking study of paternity leave policiesat leading organizations; and a review of global paternity leave policies and practices, as well as U.S. states that have enacted laws to provide paid parental leave. ….