The High Cost of Big Labor

Source: Competitive Enterprise Institute, 2014

The Competitive Enterprise Institute’s new three-part series, The High Cost of Big Labor, looks at the economic impact of labor policies on U.S. states.

Articles include:
An Interstate Analysis of Right to Work Laws
Source: Richard Vedder, Jonathan Robe, Competitive Enterprise Institute, July 16, 2014

From the summary:
The compelling preponderance of evidence suggests there is a substantial, significant, and positive relationship between economic growth in a state and the presence of a right to work (RTW) law. This paper presents a labor economics analysis of the effect of right to work laws on state economies, and ranks states’ per capita income loss from not having an RTW law. People have been migrating in large numbers from non- RTW states to RTW ones. The evidence suggests that economic growth is greater in RTW states….
Understanding Public Pension Debt
Source: Robert Sarvis, Competitive Enterprise Institute, 2014

From the summary:
State government pension debt burdens labor markets and worsens the business climate. To get a clear picture of the extent of this effect around the nation, this paper amalgamates several estimates of states’ pension debts and ranks them from best to worst. Today, many states face budget crunches due to massive pension debts that have accumulated over the past two decades, often in the billions of dollars. There are several reasons for this. …