Nine Facts About American Families And Work

Source: Council of Economic Advisers, June 2014

Fact 1: Mothers are increasingly the household breadwinners…..
Fact 2: Fathers are increasingly family caregivers…..
Fact 3: Women make up nearly half of today’s labor force…..
Fact 4: Women are increasingly among our most skilled workers, attaining the majority of college degrees, and deepening their work experiences…..
Fact 5: Most children live in households where all parents work…..
Fact 6: Caregiving doesn’t end when the children are grown: eldercare is a growing responsibility of workers…..
Fact 7: Men and women alike face challenges as they try to balance work and family…..
Fact 8: Many workplaces have not kept up with the needs of 21st century workers and families…..
Fact 9: Providing workplace flexibility and paid leave strengthens families, businesses, and our economy…..