Clinton Partnerships Show Benefits of Public Sector Collaboration

Source: Marick F. Masters, Christina S, Merchant, Robert M. Tobias, Public Manager, Vol. 43 no. 2, Summer 2014
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Over the past decade, labor-management relations have taken a sharp turn toward confrontation in several states and localities. … In the midst of this swirling controversy, which has been part of a wider effort to dismantle the existing order of labor-management relations in America that has prevailed for decades, the public and policymakers have lost sight of the potential and real benefits of labor-management collaboration as a strategic device to improve delivery of goods and services in both the private and public sectors. … The essential rationale for undertaking the partnership experiment began in 1993 and underpins the core logic behind labor-management collaboration, Some of the the realized benefits of the federal program were identified by a comprehensive study reported in 2001 as part of the then- National Partnership Council’s assessment of the impact of partnerships in the federal government. What we learned about how to make collaborative initiatives – whether labeled cooperation, partnership, or joint forum – allows us to work as effectively as possible. As in so many aspects of constructive labor-management relations – as well as human resource management in general – the devil is in the details. You cannot achieve real positive results by simply glossing over matters, however painful they might be…..