Trafficking in Persons Report

Source: U.S. State Department, June 2014

From the Introductory Material:
…In addition to assessments of what almost every government in the world is doing to combat modern slavery, this year’s Trafficking in Persons Report takes a hard look at the journey from victim to survivor, making recommendations and highlighting effective practices that, if implemented, could ease the path forward for countless survivors around the world….. The U.S. Department of State prepared this Report using information from U.S. embassies, government officials, non-governmental and international organizations, published reports, news articles, academic studies, research trips to every region of the world, and information submitted to . This email address provides a means by which organizations and individuals can share information with the Department of State on government progress in addressing trafficking. U.S. diplomatic posts and domestic agencies reported on the trafficking situation and governmental action to fight trafficking based on thorough research that included meetings with a wide variety of government officials, local and international NGO representatives, officials of international organizations, journalists, academics, and survivors. U.S. missions overseas are dedicated to covering human trafficking issues. The 2014 TIP Report covers government efforts undertaken from April 1, 2013 through March 31, 2014….
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Relevant International Conventions/Closing Material

Fact Sheets
International Programs To Combat Trafficking in Persons
Journey From Victim to Survivor
Profits and Poverty: The Economics of Forced Labor–International Labor Organization, 2014
Protection Checklist
The Challenges of Certification in Addressing Forced Labor
The Intersection Between Environmental Degradation and Human Trafficking