Effective Door-to-door Campaigning

Source: Shauna Porteus, Illinois Libraries Matter blog, April 25, 2014

In November 2012, the Broadview Public Library District passed a 4.1 million dollar building referendum with an overwhelming 81% majority. When we went back and analyzed the campaign the real success story was our door-to-door campaign. Door-to-door is a technique often used in political campaigns but one that we rarely see in libraries. It is something that I have become passionate about and have promoted to libraries who are preparing for a referendum, through an organization called EveryLibrary. EveryLibrary is a social welfare organization chartered to work exclusively on, and assist in, local library ballot initiatives. I serve as campaign advisor, helping to focus and refine information-only campaigns in libraries. When I talk to librarians about doing a door-to-door campaign they often feel overwhelmed by the prospect. Our door-to-door campaign was not only easy, but fun and educational as well. I have broken it down for you in 5 easy steps so that you too may plan and implement a successful door-to-door campaign.