Details Matter! Advocate’s Library of Managed Long Term Services and Supports Contract Provisions

Source: National Senior Citizens Law Center, 2014

A wave of Medicaid Managed Long Term Services (MLTSS) is currently sweeping the country and promising to impact the way care is delivered to millions of seniors and people with disabilities. Whether this impact is ultimately positive or negative will depend on the details of how these new systems are designed, implemented and held accountable. The details – while complex and often difficult to grasp – really matter.

This new resource can help advocates ensure that states and plans get the details right. MLTSS program details – including on such important topics as beneficiary protections – will be fully fleshed out in the contracts states enter into with Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), NSCLC’s Advocate’s Library of Managed Long-Term Services and Supports Contract Provisions is an online tool that summarizes existing MLTSS contract provisions by topic along with a page number citation for each cited provision. Topics covered are included in the Table of Contents below.

The library contains over 1,000 citations to current managed care contracts to allow advocates to easily find the original text. The contracts themselves are also available here – in one place – so that advocates can read the exact contractual language and surrounding provisions.

In developing the Library, NSCLC reviewed the contracts of most of the states that currently provide long-term services and supports (LTSS) through managed care, focusing on those provisions of particular importance to consumers.