Who Pays Taxes in America in 2014?

Source: Citizens for Tax Justice, April 7, 2014

From the summary:
All Americans pay taxes. Everyone who works pays federal payroll taxes. Everyone who buys gasoline pays federal and state gas taxes. Everyone who owns or rents a home directly or indirectly pays property taxes. Anyone who shops pays sales taxes in most states.

The nation’s tax system is barely progressive. Those who argue that the wealthy are overtaxed focus solely on the federal personal income tax, while ignoring the other taxes that Americans pay. But, as the table to the right illustrates, the total share of taxes (federal, state, and local) that will be paid by Americans across the economic spectrum in 2014 is roughly equal to their total share of income. …

The estimates from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy tax model, which are illustrated in these charts and tables, include the following key findings:
■ The richest one percent of Americans pay 23.7 percent of total taxes and receive 21.6 percent of total income.
■ The poorest one-fifth of Americans pay 2.1 percent of total taxes and receive 3.3 percent of total income.
■ Each income group will pay a total share of taxes that quite is similar to each group’s total share of income.
■ Contrary to popular belief, when all taxes are considered, the rich do not pay a dispropor­tionately high share of taxes. Of course, in a truly progressive tax system, they would pay much higher effective tax rates than everyone else.