Rethinking ‘Rules for Radicals’ – In 2014, would Saul Alinsky himself even be playing by the book?

Source: Mark Engler and Paul Engler, In These Times, April 7, 2014

….The desire to re-examine maxims such as “build organizations, not movements” is an exciting development—one that opens the door to interaction between those focused on building long-term “people’s organizations,” as Alinsky called them, and those exploring the dynamics of strategic nonviolence and disruptive mass mobilization.

It is also one that Alinsky himself may well have supported.

Looking back at the origins of many foundational principles associated with the Alinskyite organizing tradition, it becomes clear that some were not as deeply rooted in the founder’s thinking as others — and that he might have pressed for reconsideration of certain commandments that have grown hallowed since the 1960s. These discrepancies raise an intriguing question: If Alinsky were alive today, would he be breaking his own rules?….