Background & Reference Checks

Source: HR News, Vol. 80 no. 4, April 2014
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Articles include:
Best Practices for Handling Background Checks – Amanda Cuda

…Employers, though, have to be careful not to rule out applicants who might be good fits for their organization just because candidates have criminal convictions with no bearing on the jobs they are applying for, Graves said. To this end, many employers have joined the Ban the Box movement…Not all communities have done this, but even many that have not removed the question about criminal convictions from applications
say they try to keep an open mind about potential employees who have questionable incidents in their pasts. So how should employers approach background checks? Should the question about criminal history be removed? And if it is, will organizations still be able to weed out potentially harmful applicants?…

Background Screening Trends in 2014 – Maria Markiewicz

Changes employers can expect to see in workplace background screening in 2014 range from the way HR professionals use social media to screen candidates to complying with more stringent directives regarding pre-employment verification. Employers will need to examine and address new industry trends to ensure they make informed, legally compliant hiring decisions….

Are You Screening Your Volunteers? – Carey Parks

….Incidents of theft and abuse cost already strapped city departments time, money and trust. In the Virginia case mentioned above, the loss of the fire truck also posed a safety issue because the emergency equipment was simply unavailable while being repaired…The challenge for municipalities is to balance a responsible selection process that ensures safety for the organization and the communities they serve with attracting and keeping dedicated volunteers….

Guilty Is Not a Conviction: Implications for Background Checks – James D’Archangelis

…Organizations may be extending offers unknowingly to applicants who have committed crimes but who were spared the consequences of having a conviction on record…