Activist Toolkit

Source:, 2014

Welcome to the Activist Toolkit! The Toolkit is a “wiki”, a group of collaborative webpages that members can create and modify. The Toolkit was developed with the support of the Douglas Coldwell Foundation; its purpose is to provide a dynamic online repository of useful guides,articles, images, reviews of web tools and other useful knowledge bases to the progressive community at large. You may think of the Toolkit as a type of online encyclopedia for activists, written from a progressive point of view. Anyone visiting may view and make use of the content on the Toolkit pages….

The Activist Toolkit Blog is the place to catch up on what’s new with the Toolkit. With weekly roundups of newly added tools, highlights of featured tools and extra multimedia content, you’ll get up to date info on grassroots organizing….

Sections include:
3 Minute Actionrabblepedia
How-To Guides
On This Day
Software Tools
Workshop Outlines
Media Commons