Summaries of Governors’ State of the State Addresses

Source: Brian Sigritz, National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO), Budget Blog, February 18, 2014

As of February 18th, governors in 41 states have given a State of the State address (not all governors are scheduled to give an address this year). These speeches have included a wide-range of spending and revenue proposals. On the spending side, many governors have highlighted the importance of education and have introduced proposals to expand prekindergarten programs, restore some previous cuts to K-12, and increase investments in higher education, with a specific focus on performance. Governors have also noted the importance of worker training as a means to promote economic development. Infrastructure has been another area of emphasis, with many governors calling for increased funding for roads and bridges. Additionally, governors have discussed healthcare in their addresses, with some governors calling on the legislature to expand Medicaid, while others are examining a state specific solution to increase coverage. On the revenue side, several governors have proposed tax reform including tax breaks for seniors, restructuring property taxes, corporate tax changes, and reducing income tax levels. Finally, governors have discussed the need to increase the size of rainy day funds and make further pension reforms.

Below are state-by-state summaries of State of the State addresses with links to the speeches. Additionally, click here to access governors’ proposed budgets for fiscal 2015.