The High Price Of College Tuition

Source: Diane Rehm Show, July 15, 2013

Getting a four-year college degree can cost a small fortune — even at public institutions. Annual tuition hikes at public and private universities often outpace the rate of inflation. With state funding for higher education decreasing and federal student loans rates rising, many students will be saddled with ever greater debt. For some, high tuition will make the American dream of getting a college degree unattainable. Diane and guests talk about why college is so expensive and what can be done about it.
Kevin Carey – director of the education policy program at the New America Foundation.
Kim Clark – senior writer for “Money” magazine.
Terry Hartle – senior vice president of American Council on Education, a trade association representing 1,800 public and private universities.
Brian Rosenberg – president of Macalester College.