Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group Tools

Source: Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group, 2013

Here are some of the tools we’ve designed to help mine through, visualize or present data sets.

Lobbyist Registration Tracker: The Lobbying Disclosure Act requires lobbyists and lobbying firms to register with the House and the Senate within 45 days of being hired by a client. The registrations list the issue areas that will be covered by the lobbying. This database allows users to see those registrations as they’re submitted, to browse by issue, registrant and client, and to see the trends in issues and registrations over time. The database is updated weekly based on Senate records and includes all registrations starting in 2009.
Post Employment Tracker: The Post Employment Tracker shows when covered congressional officials—former members and high-ranking staffers—can legally begin to lobby their old colleagues, though note that not everyone listed has become a lobbyist.
Follow the Unlimited Money: Track the latest activities of outside groups influencing federal elections. Many of these organizations can accept unlimited donations from any source — including labor unions, corporations and individuals.
House of Representatives Disbursements: How US Representatives spend taxpayer money on staff, office supplies, travel and other expenses incurred in the course of doing business.