2013 Parks and Recreation National Database Report

Source: National Recreation and Park Association, 2013

Sections include:
– Responsibilities
What roles and duties define the parks and recreation field?
– Staffing and Volunteers
What categories of employees comprise the staffs of agencies of various sizes and types? What are the trends for full-time and part-time staffers? How many hours are contributed by volunteers?
– Budget
What are typical operating expenditures and capital budgets for various size agencies? What are the most common sources of revenue? What kinds of renovation needs and capital needs are agencies experiencing?
– Programming and Attendance
How are park and recreation agencies serving their communities through recreation, education, health, wellness, and social programs?
– Operations, Maintenance, and Benchmarking
Key data on facilities, expenditures, attendance, and breadth of scope. What are the relationships between maintenance costs/budget and an agency’s character, magnitude, service level, materials, and environment?
– GIS and Mapping
GIS data highlighting how mapping technology can be used by communities of all types to create inventories of their lands and facilities with NRPA’s standardized GIS data model.
– Community Value
New Eco-benefits Calculator shows environmental and economic value of parks and recreation to communities.