People, planet and profits: the case for greening operating rooms

Source: Yoan Kagoma, Nathan Stall, Edward Rubinstein, and Douglas Naudie, Canadian Medical Association Journal, published ahead of print June 4, 2012
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Canada’s health care sector generates about 1.5% of our national greenhouse gas emissions and is a source of about 1% of solid waste. The operating room is one of the worst offenders. Kagoma and colleagues present strategies and technologies to make operating rooms more ecologically sound without compromising patient care. These range from proper sorting of hazardous and nonhazardous materials, to innovative closed collection systems for fluid waste.
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Canadian operating rooms can be green and reduce medical waste: analysis
Source: Toronto Star, June 5, 2012

…After years of nurses’ frustration with having to deal with the mountains of surgical waste, his hospital and others in the GTA are discovering ways to reduce their environmental footprint. And they’re finding that being green is often less expensive. Hospitals could save millions of taxpayer dollars — and tons of waste and emissions — by making some small changes, and some larger, more expensive changes, to “green” their operating rooms, says an analysis from the University of Western Ontario’s medical school, published Monday in The Canadian Medical Association Journal…

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