Hospital Safety Score

Source: Leapfrog, 2012

The Hospital Safety Score is an A, B, C, D, or F letter grade reflecting how safe hospitals are for patients. … The goal of the Hospital Safety Score is to reduce the 180,000 yearly deaths from hospital errors and injuries through publicly recognizing safety and exposing harm. “Harm” ranges from infections and acquired injuries (such as bedsores) to medication mix-ups and other errors. See your local hospital’s data page for information on the 26 items that were considered in the score….

How are hospitals selected to receive a Hospital Safety Score?
Leapfrog reviewed data for all general acute care hospitals. Some general hospitals did not have sufficient data available, and therefore did not receive a Safety Score. More than 2,600 hospitals will be receiving a score. Hospitals excluded from receiving a score include critical access hospitals, specialty hospitals, pediatric hospitals, hospitals in Maryland and territories exempt from public reporting to CMS, and others.

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