Physicians Practice 2012 Staff Salary Survey

Source: Physicians Practice, May 2012

Physicians Practice is proud to bring you the results of our latest Staff Salary Survey. The nationwide results are available here and in the May 2012 issue of Physicians Practice. And because salary norms are partly dependent on local costs of living, we’re also happy to present the regional results online, to the extent that our response rates in each region allow us to report credible data.

Our goal is to report all the salary information for which we have enough data to do so credibly. But we will not report salary averages drawn from too few responses, as these can often be misleading. There are several instances where we did not receive enough responses to report on salaries of specific job titles at particular experience levels. For example, in the Northeast, we had too little data on billing managers at any particular experience level, so experience-level averages are withheld. Yet we did have enough responses to report Northeast billing manager salaries generally — that is, at all experience levels — and so we have included that information. Please pay careful attention to experience levels as you examine the charts.

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