New Report: Health Care Law Invests in Nurses

Source: Cecilia Munoz, White House blog, May 7, 2012

…Thanks to the President’s new health care law, there will be significantly more nurses to help make our health care system stronger. The Obama Administration is committed to educating new nurses, improving the training of today’s nurses, and placing nurses in the parts of the country where they are needed most. The new law and the Obama Administration are investing in education and training opportunities for nurses. According to a new report we released today:

• The number of National Health Service Corps primary care providers nearly tripled between 2009 and 2011 with support from Affordable Care Act, the Recovery Act and ongoing appropriations, supporting more than 1,900 nurse practitioners and certified nurse midwives.
• Since the beginning of 2009, community health centers have added about 3,000 nursing positions, including 800 in advanced practice, a 20 percent increase.
• The Affordable Care Act’s investment in Nurse Managed Clinics is projected to help train more than 900 nurses by 2013 and serve 94,000 patients.
• The Affordable Care Act’s Prevention and Public Health Fund is supporting the training of 600 new nurse practitioners and nurse midwives by 2015.
• Training and educational support programs reauthorized through the Affordable Care Act are supporting more than 50,000 nurses and students.

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