Union-Busting Playbook

Source: Communication Workers of America, 2012

When employees try to organize a union for a better and more secure job, employers often fight back strong – in the form of union-busting.

Union-busting is any action by management to prevent employees from exercising their right to organize. Union busting attorneys train supervisors on what to say to persuade workers to vote down a union. The “script” doesn’t change much. Whether you are a bus driver, a nurse, a tech, or a call center worker, employers will hire union busters who will train supervisors in this anti-union script, or “playbook.”

In this Union-Busting Playbook, you can find out about common union-busting strategies and even read and hear examples from workers who have been through tough campaigns.
Barnes and Noble anti-union administration manuals, 2004-2006

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