Workplace Violence: Awareness, Prevention, and Response

Source: Mary D. Bruce, and William A. Nowlin, Public Personnel Management, Vol. 40 no. 4, Winter 2011
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The purpose of this study is to determine if formal organizational policies on workplace violence (WV) influence hiring practices, employee training, and ability to manage violent situations. A sample of 72 members of the Industrial Relations Research Association, which has been renamed Labor and Employment Relations Association, completed an Internet original survey on WV, with 40 organizations having these types of policies. Findings indicated that organizations with formal policies on WV were more likely to have heightened awareness of issues involving WV than organizations without these types of policies. WV policies generally are zero tolerance; however, they may lack enforcement by supervisors. Having a formal policy on WV may indicate that organizations are more aware of and concerned with protecting their employees and clients from violent situations.

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