Reflections on Wisconsin and Ohio

Source: Rosemary Feurer, LAWCHA: Labor and Working Class History Association Newsletter, Fall 2011
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We present here perspectives on the events in Wisconsin and Ohio. The first is by Wisconsin resident and retired history professor Paul Buhle, who together with Mari Jo Buhle, has just published an edited collection of accounts and reflections on the mobilization, It Started in Wisconsin. (Verso, 2012). It is followed by labor educator Michael Yates, with an excerpt from the introduction to his new edited anthology, Uprising: Labor Fights Back (Monthly Review, March 2012). In July, I interviewed two veterans of labor protest from the Midwest, Jerry Tucker and Ed Sadlowski, and excerpts of that interview are presented next. We end the section with an reflection by labor historian Caroline Merithew on the recent landmark win in Ohio against SB5.

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