Welfare Rules Database

Source: Urban Institute, 2011

The Welfare Rules Database provides a comprehensive, sophisticated resource for anyone comparing cash assistance programs between states, researching changes in cash assistance rules within a single state, or simply looking for the most up-to-date information on the rules governing cash assistance in one state.

The Welfare Rules Database includes:
• A detailed database of AFDC/TANF rules in effect for all 50 states and the District of Columbia by state for years 1996 through 2010.
• Information on rules that are in effect at a point in time (not proposals or legislation). Caseworker manuals are used to identify program rules. State administrators review the entries for each state to assure accuracy.
• A point-and-click interface for querying the database. While the search engine is easy to use, state cash assistance programs are complex. Please review the Users Guide and Data Dictionary to help you effectively frame the question you want to answer.
• The standard rule that affects most of a the caseload for most of the year. The standard rule is available by state, year, and category of rule.
• Variations to the standard rule. This information details differences across geographic areas within a state, groups of recipients within a state, or months of the year.

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