Men and Work-Life Integration: A Global Study

Source: Kathleen M. Lingle, Peter Linkow, Jan Civian, WorldatWork and WFD Consulting, May 2011

From the summary:
A global survey reveals a growing imbalance between what employers say about work-life balance and what they actually do. Every October since 2003, WorldatWork’s Alliance for Work-Life Progress (AWLP) has led a national awareness campaign that promotes work-life effectiveness as a key contributor to productivity and success in the modern workplace. This year the campaign is calling attention to a troubling gap between leaders’ beliefs and behaviors at many organizations.

Employee respondents reported repercussions that included:
* Overtly or subtly discouraged from using flexible work and other work-life programs
* Received unfavorable job assignments
* Received negative performance reviews
* Received negative comments from supervisor
* Denied a promotion

The study found the following prevailing leadership attitudes in developed countries (United States, United Kingdom and Germany):
* More than half of the surveyed managers think the ideal employee is one that is available to meet business needs regardless of business hours
* 40% believe the most productive employees are those without a lot of personal commitments
* Nearly one in three think that employees who use flexible work arrangements will not advance very far in their organization

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