The New Male Mystique

Source: Kerstin Aumann, Ellen Galinsky, Kenneth Matos, Families and Work Institute, National Study of the Changing Workforce, 2011

From the press release:
Families and Work Institute’s (FWI) most recent National Study of the Changing Workforce, a nationally representative study of the U.S. workforce, finds that men now experience more work-family conflict than women. This is especially true among fathers in dual-earner couples whose level of stress has risen from 35% in 1977 to 60% in 2008. Since that finding was released, it has generated a great deal of attention and speculation.

A report released today by FWI, with funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the IBM Corporation, The New Male Mystique, is the first to take the same data set and conduct an in-depth exploration of the underlying reasons behind men’s rising work-family conflict.

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