Marquette Symposium on the New American Economy

Source: Marquette Law Review Volume 94, Issue 3, 2011

Articles include:
* Paul M. Secunda, Promoting Employee Voice in the New American Economy
* Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt, Promoting Employee Voice in the American Economy: A Call for Comprehensive Reform
* Laura J. Cooper, Letting the Puppets Speak: Employee Voice in the Legislative History of the Wagner Act
* Aditi Bagchi, Who Should Talk? What Counts as Employee Voice and Who Stands to Gain
* Ann C. Hodges, Avoiding Legal Seduction: Reinvigorating the Labor Movement to Balance Corporate Power
* Joseph E. Slater, Lessons from the Public Sector: Suggestions and a Caution
* Richard Michael Fischl, Labor Law, the Left, and the Lure of the Market
* Scott A. Moss,Yes, Labor Markets are Flawed–But so is the Economic Case for Mandating Employee Voice in Corporate Governance
* Briana R. Barron, Silent Warning: The FDA’s Ban on Off-Label Speech: Is it Protecting our Safety?
* Thomas J. Burmeister, Jr., Burnin’ Down the House–And Deducting it Too: Charitable Contributions of Buildings to Fire Departments Under I.R.C. § 170

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