State and Local Government Employment Shows Broad, Continuing Declines

Source: Lucy Dadayan and Robert B. Ward, Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government, Data Alert, July 22, 2011

This morning, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released state-by-state employment data for the month of June. While national totals had already been released for June, this is the first look at June data for individual states. The national data had shown a very slight increase at 0.1 percent in private sector employment, compared with May, and continued declines in state and local government employment at 0.1 percent (see Figure 1). This Data Alert examines recent changes in state and local government employment at the individual state level, as well as the national level. Public-sector employment declines are widespread, with total state and local government jobs falling in 39 states but rising in 11 others over the past year. Overall state-local government employment is now 2 percent below its level at the start of the recession, while private employment is down 5.8 percent over the same period.

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