Future of Parole as a Key Partner in Assuring Public Safety

Source: Peggy Burke, U. S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Corrections, NIC Accession Number 024201, July 2011

This document, The Future of Parole as a Key Partner in Assuring Public Safety, is the fifth and last of the series. It builds on the previous four papers, encouraging paroling authorities to be leaders of change. Paroling authorities are encouraged to use their unique role in the criminal justice system to move toward more effective recidivism reduction, wiser use of public resources, and a more collaborative approach to their work. Focusing on the key responsibilities of decisionmaking — for release, setting of conditions, and responding to violations — the paper challenges parole professionals to use both their individual discretion and their potential as effective teams to be leaders of change.

Previous titles in the series include the following:
1. Core Competencies: A Resource for Parole Board Chairs, Members, and Executive Staff
2. Evidence-Based Policy, Practice, and Decisionmaking: Implications for Paroling Authorities
3. Paroling Authorities’ Strategic Planning and Management for Results
4. Special Challenges Facing Parole

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