Understanding the challenges of municipal tree planting

Source: E. Gregory McPherson and Robert Young, Arborist News, Vol. 19 no. 6, 2010

From the abstract:
Nine of the twelve largest cities in the U.S. have mayoral tree planting initiatives (TPIs), with pledges to plant nearly 20 million trees. Although executive-level support for trees has never been this widespread, many wonder if this support will endure as administrations change and budgets tighten. In an effort to share lessons learned from successes and setbacks, a workshop was held in Los Angeles, California, to “troubleshoot” the TPI process, recognizing that managing the politics of trees is often more challenging than planting trees. A primary goal in this effort was to create a “Community of Practice” that will provide longterm support for managers of existing and emerging TPIs. The twoday workshop (June 3-4, 2010) brought together 24 individuals representing 20 municipalities who were primarily responsible for managing TPIs. This article summarizes the most important findings from the workshop.
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