Staffing Trends in Public Colleges and Universities: A National Analysis 2001 – 2009

Source: Katie Zaback, State Higher Education Executive Officers, May 24, 2011

Staffing makes up a large portion of budgets at all institutions of higher education and high quality staff is an essential component of quality education. Given the current context, it is important for systems and institutions to understand current staffing patterns so they can make informed decisions for efficient resource allocation. Current literature in higher education that examines staffing patterns focuses on the distribution of full-time and part-time instructional staff and the composition of staff types (or roles) at colleges and universities. This analysis examines trends in both these areas over time and by Carnegie classification for public colleges and universities.

In recent months a number of reports have offered similar analyses of staffing patterns in higher education. The fiscal pressures in higher education are encouraging decision makers to take a closer look at college staffing trends, and these studies are designed to aid this effort. This report adds to the existing literature by digging deep into the overall trends in college staffing in the last ten years to provide state higher education executive offices with additional insight.

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