Making Sen$e: How States Have Responded to the Pension Crunch

Source: Paul Solman, PBS News Hour, Making Sen$e, March 1, 2011

EDITOR’S NOTE: We received a number of responses from viewers like you regarding last week’s broadcast story, “In Tiny Rhode Island, a Massive Public Pension Crisis Looms” and the Making Sen$e web piece, “Paying For Public Pensions.” So, over the next few days, Paul will be answering some of the questions and notes we received via Twitter, e-mail and in the comments sections on our site.

See Monday’s post for Paul’s answers on the subject of taxing the rich to save public pensions….

…The Tool$ Tuesday graphics above come from a Pew report on the changes states made to their public pension systems between 2001 and 2010. You can find short descriptions of what each state has done in the last decade in the report. Do note that it was published last November so reforms being hashed out in states like Wisconsin are not included. For state-by-state details as of Feb. 23, see The National Conference of State Legislatures site.

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