City Councils in Philadelphia and Other Major Cities

Source: Thomas Ginsberg, PEW, The Philadelphia Research Initiative, February 02, 2011

From the summary:
Members of Los Angeles’ city council draw the biggest salaries, those in San Antonio the smallest. Philadelphia’s city council members have been in office the longest and San Diego’s and Houston’s the shortest. The council in Detroit spends the highest percentage of the overall city budget on its own operations, the one in New York the lowest.

These are just some of the findings of City Councils in Philadelphia and Other Major Cities: Who Holds Office, How Long They Serve, and How Much It All Costs. The report compares 15 city councils, including the 10 largest, along a number quantifiable measures. Among these items are council budgets, staffing, salaries, certain electoral conditions, tenure and the representation of historically underrepresented groups.

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