2010 Study of State Employee Health Benefits

Source: Segal, Winter 2011

From the abstract:
The following are among the key findings of The Segal Company’s 2010 Study of State Employee Health Benefits:

* Preferred provider managed medical plans continue to be the predominant type of coverage offered by states, regardless of region.
* For all medical plan types, cost sharing is greater for family coverage than for employee-only coverage.
* There is a general trend towards greater cost sharing for all plan types with dramatic regional variations. Once rare, a growing number of states are pushing into the 40 percent-or-more cost-sharing category.
* Annual per-person deductibles continue to increase, with nearly one-third of plans reporting deductibles of $500 or higher.
* Lifetime maximums for medical coverage are now uncommon and becoming more so as plans change to comply with new Affordable Care Act requirements.
* For prescription drug coverage, copayments paid by employees continue to increase for both brand-name and generic drugs.

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