The Evolution of Construction Union Greenmail: Legal and Political Developments, Adverse Consequences, and Combat Tips

Source: Charles S. Birenbaum and Nicole M. Friedenberg, Employee Relations Law Journal, Vol. 35 no. 4, Spring 2010
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From the abstract:
In this article, the authors explain that for approximately two decades, the “corporate campaign” has become an effective way for organized labor to coerce employers into recognizing a union as the exclusive representative of its workers. Rather than target an employer’s employees, a union corporate campaign starts at the top: it involves an analysis of a company’s power structure so as to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in the company’s critical stakeholder relationships. The authors point out that “greenmail” – a spin on the term “blackmail” under environmental law – is one aspect of this top-down format that achieves union organizing objectives by persuading employers, rather than employees, to recognize a union as its employees’ exclusive representative.

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