Delivering the Next Economy: The States Step Up

Source: Bruce Katz, Jennifer Bradley, Amy Liu, Brookings Institution, Metropolitan Policy Program, November 2010

From the summary:
In January, 37 governors, many of them new, will take office facing daunting challenges, including many immediate needs for which there is precious little time or money to meet. But at the same time, they have an opportunity to lead their states, and the nation, into the next economy, which must be driven by exports, powered by low carbon, fueled by innovation, rich with opportunity. An economy with those characteristics will also be metropolitan-led.

Deeper budget cuts and more public sector layoffs will not re-balance and re-start our economy. Only wise, strategic investment does that. States should, therefore, do three things to revive their state economies and lay the groundwork for future prosperity:

1) Invest in new ways to support the assets that drive the next economy.
2) Cut to invest to jumpstart the transition to the next economy.
3) Leverage investments through smart metropolitan strategies.

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