Charting the projections: 2008-18

Source: Occupational Outlook Quarterly, Vol. 53, Number 4, Winter 2009-10

From the excerpt:
In almost anything you do, you’re more likely to succeed if you have a plan. Deciding on a career is no exception.

If you’re making a decision about education, training, or a career–or if you are helping someone else who is making such decisions–you need to know how the labor market is expected to unfold in the future. How many jobs are likely to be available in the career you want? How much will they pay? What kind of training will you need?

Projections and related information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provide the answers to these questions. In a changing economy, these projections help you to glimpse the future–and to plan for it.
The 2008-18 job outlook in brief

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