Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Database

Source: Center for Transit-Oriented Development, 2010

From the press release:
The Center for Transit-Oriented Development (CTOD) today launched a first-of-its-kind web database to provide access to comprehensive information about more than 4,000 transit zones across the United States. The web tool will help developers, investors, and city officials make planning decisions that take advantage of development opportunities around transit nodes.

The TOD Database, available at, provides information on density, demographics, occupation and transportation habits of households near 4,160 existing and proposed fixed-guideway transit stations, including commuter rail, streetcars, light rail, bus rapid transit and ferries. Spanning Honolulu to Portland, Maine, the database synthesizes 40,000 data fields at half-mile and quarter-mile buffers around fixed rail stations to create a user-friendly web site that allows people to view maps of various transit regions and choose data reports for stations of interest. Users can also query data by geography or demographics. The TOD Database is a product of the Center for Transit-Oriented Development, a partnership among Reconnecting America, the Center for Neighborhood Technology, and Strategic Economics.

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