Thinking about Think Tanks: Strategies for Progressive Social Work

Source: Julie E. Miller-Cribbsa; Brent E. Cagleb; Anthony P. Natalec; Zoe Cummings, Journal of Policy Practice, Volume 9, Issue 3 & 4 July 2010
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From the abstract:
Conservative think tanks have socialized and trained a fleet of media-ready advocates and pundits and linked their conservative agenda directly to the public via the media. Promoting ideology over science, conservative think tanks have lowered expectations around rational and empirically validated policy choices while demonizing individuals and communities, justifying the drastic funding cuts and ideologically based policies and programs that further marginalize oppressed groups in the United States. This article details the strategies of conservative think tanks and their role in influencing public policy and considers the smaller impact and influence experienced by the progressive movement. Implications for progressive social work practice, education, and research are highlighted.

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