Moving Forward on Health Reform

Source: Health Affairs, Vol. 29 no. 6, June 2010

From the Editor-in-Chief:
President Obama has understandably made light of Republican House leader John Boehner’s prediction that enactment of health reform legislation would lead to Armageddon. As Obama has noted several times since, no asteroids have fallen, cracks haven’t opened up in the earth, and nobody has been “dragged away to be forced into some government-run health care plan.” Yet while the proverbial End of Days isn’t upon us, some version of “implemegeddon” may be. This issue of Health Affairs begins to tackle the hundreds of implementation issues inherent in health reform and offers prescriptions for averting trouble.
Articles include:
Presidents and Health Reform
From Massachusetts to 1600 PA Ave.
Why Reform Finally Passed
Costs: Reform Must Bend Curve
Costs: Likely to Widen Deficit
Implementing Insurance Market Reforms
How Will Insurers Respond?
Insurance Exchanges: 6 Design Issues
New Roles for States
Expanding Medicaid
Delivery, Payment Reform Foundation
View from Large Employers
Interview: Geisinger’s Steele on Reform
Update on Massachusetts

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