State of Metropolitan America

Source: Alan Berube, William H. Frey, Alec Friedhoff, Emily Garr, Emilia Istrate, Elizabeth Kneebone, Robert Puentes, Audrey Singer, Adie Tomer, Howard Wial, Jill H. Wilson, Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program, 2010

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From the summary:
The State of Metropolitan America is a signature effort of the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program that portrays the demographic and social trends shaping the nation’s essential economic and societal units–its large metropolitan areas–and discusses what they imply for public policies to secure prosperity for these places and their populations.

This report focuses on the major demographic forces transforming the nation and large metropolitan areas in the 2000s. In this sense, it previews what we will learn from the results of the 2010 Census, as well as supplements those results in important ways. It includes chapters that correspond to nine of the most important subjects tracked by the Census Bureau in its annual American Community Survey, along with the policy implications of the findings.
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